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I have always been interested in drawing.  After I dropped out of a class of Technical Drawing my teacher always bemoaned the fact that I could have been a good draughtsman.  The Hills and Islands of Donegal have always inspired me to draw.  However recently I have focused on portraits.  Some example of my work are below ....

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Short Stories

My grand-daughter has forever been asking me to "tell me a story from when you were little ..".  When I told her some stories my  own children encouraged me to write them down so they could be passed on to possible other grandchildren ( I suspect they liked them also!)  So I began to write short stories from my memory.  However my memory isn't quite what it used to be so perhaps there are some 'pinches of salt' to be taken with some stories or parts of stories!!

The Big Snow.pdf The Big Snow.pdf
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Sick.pdf Sick.pdf
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HC Allens (My first 'real' job).pdf HC Allens (My first 'real' job).pdf
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